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  • 11-June-2001


    Enhancing SME Competitiveness: The OECD Bologna Ministerial Conference

    What are the problems faced by SMEs in OECD countries and developing and transition economies in today's globalising world? What are the framework conditions that influence SMEs' incentives and capacities to innovate? What is the optimal role of ...

  • 1-June-2001


    Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs: Realising the Benefits of Globalisation and the Knowledge-based Economy

    The first OECD Conference on Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs in 1997 highlighted their contribution to innovation and job creation. Since that time, women's entrepreneurship has been burgeoning. Women entrepreneurs constitute a growing share of SME o...

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  • 27-April-1998


    Women Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises

    Proceedings of the OECD Conference on Women Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Major Force in Innovation and Job Creation, 16-18 April 1997.

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