Public debt management

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POSTPONED - 27th Global Forum on Public Debt Management

The 27th Global Forum scheduled to take place in Paris on 19-20 March 2020 has been postponed due to travel and visitor precautions relating to the Coronavirus Covid-19.



Governments are amongst the major issuers of debt instruments in the global financial market. The OECD provides a unique policy forum for government debt managers to exchange views and experiences.


OECD-Italian Treasury-World Bank Public Debt Management Network

The Public Debt Management (PDM) Network offers a platform for building, sharing and developing knowledge on public debt management worldwide.


Monitoring sovereign borrowing

Trends and developments associated with sovereign borrowing requirements and debt levels from the perspective of debt managers.


Sovereign debt and financial stability

‌In-depth analysis addressing the financial market dimension of sovereign debt challenges to assist policy makers in designing, adopting, and implementing appropriate policies.