Switzerland Economic Snapshot

November 2023

Economic Outlook Note - Switzerland


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OECD-Wirtschaftsausblick - Schweiz


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September 2023

Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2023 - Switzerland

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Economic Survey of Switzerland (January 2022)

The Swiss economy has shown resilience but the COVID‑19 pandemic continues to raise uncertainty and challenges. Effective government support has helped protect employment and buttress household incomes. Nevertheless, some sectors and groups have been hit hard, with a disproportionate impact on low‑middle skilled and low‑wage workers. Fostering productivity growth is crucial to maintain high living standards in the future. Switzerland is one of the top OECD performers in terms of labour productivity, but productivity growth has slowed markedly over the past three decades. Lower barriers to free and open competition within the internal market and continued openness to international markets would spur competitive pressures and raise productivity and growth.

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