Poland Economic Snapshot

Economic Forecast Summary (June 2022)

After strong GDP growth in the second half of 2021, the war in Ukraine will take a toll. Real GDP is projected to expand by 4.4% in 2022 and by 1.8% in 2023. Consumption and, to a lesser extent, investment growth is expected to slow considerably, partly offset by fiscal policy. Inflation is expected to peak by the end of the year as the rise in energy prices slows and monetary policy tightens. Core inflation is projected to decrease but is likely to remain elevated at the end of 2023.

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Reform Priorities (April 2021)

Going for Growth 2021 - Poland

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed long-standing issues in the health care sector, including the vulnerability of the population to respiratory illnesses linked to high air pollution. The main medium-term challenges are linked to the shortages of skilled workers and prevalence of micro and smaller firms with low productivity and weak connections to local, national and international markets. Addressing such challenges is key for digital and green transitions and ensuring their inclusiveness.

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2021 Structural Reform Priorities

  • Education and skills: Promote participation in lifelong learning
  • Labour market: Increase the labour force participation rate of older workers and women
  • Environmental policy: Reduce air pollution levels and carbon emissions
  • Healthcare: Improve efficiency in health and long-term care
  • Competition and regulation: Ease business regulations and improve bankruptcy proceedings


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Economic Survey of Poland (December 2020)

Executive Summary