Aid statistics

Database updates for DAC and CRS online


The DAC and CRS online databases were updated on 8 April 2015. 

The updates included:

  • Preliminary aggregate ODA flows in 2014;
  • All data rebased to 2013 constant prices.

Since the last update in December 2014, some data for previous years were revised. Among the changes were corrections to:

  • Belgium (2010);
  • Italy (some general revisions for 2013);
  • Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) years 2010-2013;
  • Climate Investment Funds (CIF) (2013);
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC) reported at activity level (2013);
  • Islamic Bank of Development (ISDB) data revised since 1976.

The DAC and CRS online databases are updated every quarter (April, June, September, December).


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