Evaluation of development programmes

Developing evaluation capacities


Strengthening evaluation capacities is part of creating effective institutions for development and lays the groundwork for mutual accountability and collaboration. The capacities of both donor agencies and partner countries to undertake effective development planning, monitoring and evaluation are key components of aid effectiveness.

Evaluation capacity development (ECD) is the process whereby people, organisations and society as a whole unleash, strengthen, create, adapt and maintain capacity to produce and use evaluation to effectively support accountability and learning (Read more on capacity development). Producing and using evaluations requires individual skills and knowledge, organisational systems and policies, and an enabling environment.

The DAC Network on Development Evaluation is committed to supporting mutual accountability and learning by working hand in hand with partners to strengthen evaluation capacities. To achieve this, the OECD DAC EvalNet Task Team for evaluation capacity development (ECD) is focused on developing and improving partnerships to strengthen the relevance, coherence and impact of our investments in capacity development. The focus of the Task Team for 2014-2015 is on establishing a stronger evidence base of what works’ in ECD, sharing and identifying opportunities for collaboration, and developing joint initiatives

At the Network’s 19th meeting in April 2016, participants and members agreed to renew the work of the Evaluation Capacity Development Task Team with an increased focus on supporting country-led evaluations as outlined in the SDG outcome document. The work of the evaluation capacity building task team draws upon the Country-Partner Donor Evaluation (CPDE) work. The task team is working on the launch of a new study to synthesise information from existing sources on demands, opportunities, and entry points in different contexts to support evaluation capacity development.




Tip-sheet available:

How to Support Capacity Development
through Evaluation

This Tip-sheet provides basic advice to evaluators on how best to support evaluation capacity development through their regular evaluation work, outlining elements of a more “capacity-friendly” approach to evaluating development co-operation.


The note was written for the evaluation departments of development agencies, but will also be of interest to country offices, independent evaluators and programme staff concerned with strengthening capacities in developing countries. This tip-sheet is part of the ongoing work of EVALNET to support stronger evaluation capacities.



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