People's Republic of China

OECD Statistical Resources for China


OECD Statistical Profile of China
More than 100 indicators covering a wide range of areas: economy, agriculture, education, energy, environment, foreign aid, health and quality of life, industry, information and communications, population/labour force, trade and investment, taxation, public expenditure and R&D. Click on the red i beside each indicator to obtain the unit of measure, a short introductory text, a detailed definition of the indicator, comments on comparability of the data, and a list of references for further information on the indicator. To compare China with other OECD countries, click on the table and chart icons at the end of each row to obtain the comparative data in Excel format.

The OECD Statistics Portal
The Statistics Portal gives access to extracts from all OECD databases, classified by topic. Most sources contain data for several member countries.

OECD Statistics Publications
Browse our thematic list of the latest OECD Statistics Publications.


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