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  • 12-March-2007


    Official visit of the Secretary-General to Belgium (13-15 March 2007)

    During his official visit to Belgium, Angel Gurría met with government officials and business leaders, and attended several speaking engagements including a press conference to launch the OECD Economic Survey of Belgium.

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  • 31-October-2006


    Creation and Governance of Human Genetic Research Databases

    Summarises proceedings of a conference looking at examples of human genetic research databases, how they are established, how they are managed and governed, how they might be commercialised, and what the policy considerations might be.

  • 19-October-2006


    Seminar on"Trade unions and welfare", Trento, Italy, 26-27 October 2006

    This seminar is organised in cooperation with INAS CISL and Fondazione Giulio Pastore. The event will present and discuss the results of research addressing these issues undertaken in eight European countries: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden and Poland.For each country, the research provides an overview of the changes in the trade union movement, not only as an actor in labour market bargaining, but also

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