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Train the Trainer - Building sustainable capacities within tax administrations for the exchange of information



Train the Trainer programme - Brochure

The Global Forum Secretariat’s capacity-building activities support the global implementation of the two international standards on transparency and exchange of information (EOI): exchange of information on request (EOIR) and automatic exchange of financial account information (AEOI). Our work empowers jurisdictions in the fight against tax evasion and other illicit financial flows to ultimately enhance their domestic resource mobilisation.

Building upon its extensive experience, the Secretariat launched the Train the Trainer (TtT) global training programme in 2021. The pilot was launched under the umbrella of the Africa Initiative to build an EOI legacy within African tax administrations, with 34 officials from 17 African countries participating. The results were very encouraging, with 24 local trainings held in 12 countries and attended by 890 tax officials.

Four new TtT programmes were organised in 2022 for Africa (one for English-speaking countries, the other for French-speaking ones), Asia and Latin America and enabled to train 68 new trainers from 35 jurisdictions. The Global Forum Secretariat further expanded the programme, with 5 new regional TtT programmes offered in 2023 for Africa (one for English-speaking countries, the other for French-speaking ones), Asia, Central and Eastern Europe / the Middle East and Latin America. The Global Forum Secretariat is organising a new edition of the programme in 2024 for the Carribean.

Overall, as on 31 December 2023, Train the Trainer has enabled tax administrations in 65 jurisdictions to develop sustainable in-house training resources on EOI, and the 186 participants have collectively trained 6 100 officials in their respective administrations (1 local trainer = 32 tax officials trained).

The local trainers are now part of a global network which will continue to grow, with more engagements to enhance trainers' technical skills and ensure they are always equipped to deliver quality local trainings. The network also aims at promoting best practices, experience sharing and collaboration among trainers.

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Through the training of officials from national tax administrations, the TtT programme seeks to create and support a highly skilled network of trainers who will effectively adapt and multiply the acquired knowledge and skills domestically, in effect creating a sustainable capacity within tax administrations.

Designed to assist jurisdictions in providing local training on the exchange of information to tax auditors and investigators, the programme builds national administrations' capacities to effectively use EOI instruments in their day-to-day work. Its ultimate goal is that the exchange of information is effectively used to tackle tax evasion and avoidance in order to mobilise domestic resources and assist governments in their fight against other illicit financial flows.


First meeting of the Train the Trainer network

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