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The OECD’s Global Relations Programme offers tax officials from developing countries the necessary training to tackle today’s most pressing challenges in international taxation. Live training activities are offered free of charge in three formats:

Virtual classes/workshops: 3-4 hour training sessions held through videoconference, generally delivered over 3-5 days. These sessions feature live presentations, discussions and case studies and make use of interactive tools (e.g. chat boxes, polls and breakout rooms).

Live webinars: 30-90 minute live presentations covering core aspects of selected topics and setting the foundation for more in-depth training.

Face-to-face workshops: 3-5 day in-person events providing thorough and highly interactive training, including the opportunity to share experiences, best practices and discuss complex case studies with experts and peers.


All events are offered free of charge.


Virtual classes

While in-person events remain a key feature of the programme and will resume as soon as the sanitary situation allows it, most 2022 GRP activities and products are expected to be delivered through virtual means. You can register to our virtual classes through the Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP). Please note that the KSP is only open to tax officials.


In the link below you will find the calendar of 2022 confirmed virtual classes and live webinars. Note that the calendar is updated regularly with new information on dates and timing, and new workshops are added regularly.


Get a glimpse at one of our virtual events:


Live webinars

You can register for our live webinars through the Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP). Please note that the KSP is only open to tax officials.

In 2021, the following live webinar took place:

 Virtual classes

Face-to-face workshops

(Suspended until further notice)


*Please note that events which do not take place in the Multilateral Tax Centres listed above are not open to direct registration. For further information, contact


Language of the event

  • Events held in Ankara (Türkiye) are held in English with Turkish and Russian interpretation.
  • Events held in Mexico are held in English with Spanish interpretation.
  • Events held in China are held in English with Chinese interpretation.

Since March 2020, as a consequence of COVID-19 and the related travel restrictions, all the face-to-face Global Relations events have been cancelled and the programme has been converted into virtual workshops, spanning over 3 to 4 days with 3 to 4 hours of class per day. You can register for our virtual workshops through the Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP). Please note that the KSP is only open to tax officials.


How to register for the KSP

  1. Enter the KSPTA Platform at:
  2. Create your account if you don’t have one, using your professional email. In the field “Country/Organisation”, select your country of residence.
  3. You will automatically receive an email asking you to confirm your account. Please check your spam folder. If you have not received the confirmation email, please write to
  4. Once confirmed, you will receive another email to create your password, automatically or in 1-2 business days.




For some events, you will need to contact your country representative. If you don't know who your country representative is, please refer to our List of Country Representatives. If you are a country representative, you can refer to our Guidelines for Country Representatives.


For any other questions please contact us at



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