Base erosion and profit shifting

Transfer Pricing Guidance on Financial Transactions: Inclusive Framework on BEPS: Actions 4, 8-10




Published: 11 February 2020


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This report contains transfer pricing guidance on financial transactions, developed as part of Actions 4, 8-10 of the BEPS Action Plan. This report is significant because it is the first time the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines includes guidance on the transfer pricing aspects of financial transactions, which will contribute to consistency in the interpretation of the arm’s length principle and help avoid transfer pricing disputes and double taxation. Sections A to E of this report are included in the Guidelines as Chapter X. Section F is added to Section D.1.2.1 in Chapter I of the Guidelines, immediately following paragraph 1.106. The guidance describes the transfer pricing aspects of financial transactions and includes a number of examples to illustrate the principles discussed in this report. 


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