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Tax-to-GDP ratios (total tax revenue as % of GDP)      Excel
Tax-to-GDP ratios and GDP per capita (in PPP) in Asian countries, OECD and other countries, 2016      Excel
Annual changes in tax-to-GDP ratios as a % of GDP (p.p.), 2016      Excel
Net changes in tax-to-GDP ratios as % of GDP between 2015 and 2016 by main type of taxes (p.p.)      Excel
VAT revenue ratio (VRR) in Asian countries (%), 2016      Excel
Attribution of tax revenues to sub-sectors of general government as percentage of total tax revenue, 2016      Excel
Tax structures as percentage of GDP, 2016      Excel
General government fiscal balance in emerging Asia      Excel
Country-specific Data    Download                     
Indonesia       Excel
Malaysia      Excel
Philippines      Excel
Singapore       Excel
Thailand      Excel


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