Labour markets, human capital and inequality

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  • Economic Survey of South Africa 2015

    Growth has not been inclusive enough due to insufficient employment growth. Wage negotiations are too confrontational. Delivery of government labour market programmes is fragmented. Increasing the role of mediation and arbitration could make negotiations less confrontational. Establishing a full public employment service operating as a one-stop shop for job seekers would lower job search costs and improve the effectiveness of government programmes.

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  • Economic Survey of Austria 2015

    Despite a strong labour market performance, unemployment of low-skilled has increased in Austria. The labour market integration of vulnerable groups would benefit from a reduction of the labour tax wedge and a more inclusive educational system.

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  • Economic Outlook and Interim Global Economic Assessment

    The failure to achieve a stronger cyclical upswing has had very real costs in terms of foregone employment, stagnant living standards in advanced economies, less vigorous development in some emerging economies, and rising inequality nearly everywhere.

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