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Development Co-operation Report 2023

Debating the Aid System

In the last three years, multiple global crises and the growing urgency of containing climate change have put current models of development co-operation to, perhaps, their most radical test in decades. The goal of a better world for all seems harder to reach, with new budgetary pressures, demands to provide regional and global public goods, elevated humanitarian needs, and increasingly complex political settings. Critique of the roots, rationale and operations of the international aid system is resulting in calls for fundamental change, manifesting, for example, in the movements to address colonial legacies and racism in the sector. This 60th anniversary edition of the Development Co-operation Report takes stock of these challenges, and proposes ways forward along four lines of action: unlock progress to deliver existing commitments; support locally led transformation in partner countries; modernise business models and financial management practices; and rebalance power relations in international decision making and partnerships. The report draws on insights from heads of state, leaders of international organisations, practitioners, academia and civil society, with particular emphasis on voices representing the diverse experiences and perspectives of low- and middle-income countries and their populations.

Published on February 13, 2023 Latest available edition in: French, German

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Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Ways forward for the aid system (Infographic)
Overview: Keeping development co-operation relevant and impactful amid daunting challenges
The political economy of aid7 chapters available
In my view: Development co-operation must tackle complex challenges better and protect the most vulnerable
Development Strategies in a changing global political economy
In focus: Reforming climate finance
In my view: The untapped potential of innovative financing and humanitarian organisations
In my view: Is the aid sector racist?
In focus: Transitioning out of aid dependency in health
In my view: Are feminist foreign policies translating to real action?
Relevance in a complex system9 chapters available
Maximising official development assistance
In my view: Reinventing official development assistance: From an Arlequin tapestry to a more inspiring Kandinsky-Kasse moment
In focus: Aid effectiveness in Afghanistan, Mali and South Sudan
In my view: Funding more proximately is not risky but not doing so is
In focus: Enablers of locally led development
In focus: International non-governmental organisations pledge to shift power and resources
In focus: Voice and agency of civil society in the Global South
In focus: Stepping up support for and use of Southern research
In my view: Work with Southern providers to achieve greater scale and relevance
Adapting to evolving demands7 chapters available
In my view: Bangladesh will continue to champion effective international partnerships for inclusive and sustainable development
Responding to Global South views on development priorities, progress and partner performance
In my view: Rethinking development to support Africa’s capacity and access to finance for development
Harnessing national development plans to drive local and global actions
In focus: Renew international co-operation for a more resilient Africa
In focus: Colombia’s approach to targeted development co-operation through national planning
In focus: Applying effectiveness principles in financing for the Pacific Islands
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