Education & Skills Online is a fully computerised assessment of cognitive and non-cognitive skills. It is delivered on demand over the Internet. Test takers may take the test from any computer, including their home computers, that meets the system requirements for the test. the assessment provides measures of critical skills associated with work, home and the community. 

Structure of the Assessment

The estimated time needed to take the core modules is 65 minutes. The core modules consists of the background questionnaire and the literacy and numeracy assessment. All of the other modules are optional. The entire test is expected to take 120 minutes (this incluldes the core literacy and numeracy assessments, reading components and problem solving in technology-rich environments, and the non-cognitive assessments). The test taker should take the literacy and numeracy assessments in one sitting, but the other assessment do not need to be taken at the same time as the literacy and numeracy assessment.  The test taker may use the test authorisation code to log into the test system and complete additional modules at a later time.  The order in which the test taker moves through the assessment is shown below.

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Diagram showing the testing flow (English)