Strategic foresight workshop: Rethinking infrastructure for sustainable, resilient development




Infrastructure strategies for sustainable and resilient development 

Achieving sustainable development and climate goals requires a radical transformation of our infrastructure systems. This transformation means a whole-of-government, whole-of-society approach with planning agencies, sectoral ministries, public and private finance institutions at the center of this transformation. In this increasingly complex economic and policy landscape for infrastructure planning and financing, strategic foresight is part of the transformative toolkit to achieve a more sustainable future.

In order to support Bappenas in the review and development of its new Long-Term National Development Plan (RPJPN 2025-2045), the OECD organised a 3-day strategic foresight workshop with about 30 representatives of Bappenas and other Indonesian government bodies, including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Civil Works and Housing. 

SIPA Indonesia Workshop 2023-web imageParticipants were divided into scenario-building groups where the OECD’s foresight facilitators guided them through structured discussions to determine the impact of different disruptions on Indonesia’s potential futures. The results of these discussions were then combined into three future scenarios based on a series of plausible economic, environmental, social and political disruptions against which the RPJPN could be stress-tested. The workshop also offered a platform for key directorates from Bappenas to exchange and share their key emerging strategic priorities under the RPJPN in some areas essential to the low-carbon, resilient transition, including the industry, transport and energy sectors. SIPA partners (including the International Institute for Sustainable Development, the International Transport Forum, the United Nations Development Programme and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature) shared good practices and key methodological tools and instruments in each sector that could support the government’s efforts to mainstream nature-based solutions and climate considerations into the infrastructure strategy.

At the end of the 3-day workshop, the OECD and Bappenas awarded participation certificates to those that had undergone the foresight exercise.

The workshop aimed to apply a resilience lense to strategy development – resilience not only to shifting circumstances, but also to the emerging climate crisis. The workshop encouraged participants to consider and prepare for unexpected developments and foster a whole-of-government approach to strategic planning, breaking silos between communities and putting climate at the heart of infrastructure decision making.

The workshop results will help inform the strategic priorities of the RPJPN, as well as provide a roadmap for further capacity building and technical assistance activities to support the drafting and implementation of the long- and medium-term strategies of Bappenas. 


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