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OECD Short-Term Indicators Dashboard


Nowadays, policymaking and economic analyses rely heavily on statistics and international comparisons. The demand for high-frequency, reliable but also easily accessible data is increasing. To respond to this demand, the OECD has created the Short-Term Indicators Dashboard, covering G20 countries and selected regional aggregates. It allows users to follow key macro-economic developments using interactive charts and tables. The Dashboard is updated twice a month, allowing users to track economic trends in a timely matter.


How to use the dashboard

This user-guide provides a brief description of the OECD Dashboard of short-term indicators and some background information on the indicators included in the tool. A data codebook of all indicators including source, links to original datasets, frequency, unit of measure and country/zones coverage is included in the Annex.


Release dates

The Dashboard is updated twice a month:

First update

08 February 2023
08 March 2023
06 April 2023
09 May 2023
08 June 2023
06 July 2023
07 August 2023
07 September 2023
05 October 2023
09 November 2023
07 December 2023

Second update

24 January 2023
22 February 2023
22 March 2023
20 April 2023
24 May 2023
21 June 2023
20 July 2023
29 August 2023
22 September 2023
19 October 2023
22 November 2023
18 December 2023


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