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The OECD Consumer Barometer

Consumer Barometer, June 2022

30 June 2022 - Consumer confidence across OECD countries declines further, hitting lowest levels since the 2008 financial crisis in most countries.








Leading indicators point to a loss of growth momentum in the OECD

OECD area: Growth losing momentum

‌‌‌OECD area: Growth losing momentum

13 June 2022 - Growth may lose momentum in the OECD area as a whole over the next six to nine months, according to the latest OECD Composite Leading Indicators (CLIs). The latest leading indicators, which aim to anticipate cyclical fluctuations in economic activity, support the view presented in the latest OECD Economic Outlook, which revised global growth forecasts downwards due to the impact of the war in Ukraine and continued supply-chain disruptions.



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