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CLIs continue to point to a moderating pace of expansion in economic activity

OECD area: Moderating growth

OECD area: Moderating growth‌‌

12 Oct. 2021 - The pace of expansion in economic activity in the OECD area as a whole looks set to continue to moderate after the post-pandemic rebound, according to the latest OECD Composite Leading Indicators.

The CLIs continue to anticipate a moderating pace of expansion at above trend level in Canada, the euro area as a whole and the United Kingdom, as reported last month. Similar indications have now emerged in the United States and Japan.


The OECD Consumer Barometer

The OECD Consumer Barometer

4 Oct. 2021 - Slowly but surely - September figures for the OECD Consumer Barometer indicate a tentative attempt at recovery as compared to last month’s data, possibly held back by unfavourable inflation expectations among consumers.





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