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Strengthening analytical frameworks and data on subnational government finance and public employment



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About the project

There are still many gaps in local finance and public employment data, especially concerning disaggregated data of individual municipalities or regions. While these data exist at the national level in each country, there is currently no platform to compare and analyse the state of finance and public employment of municipal and regional governments between countries - and sometimes even between levels of government within the same country. Yet these data are necessary and valuable information for truly assessing the capacities and decision-making power of municipalities and regions and evaluating the levels of disparity across and within countries.

To fill in these gaps, the OECD and the European Commission (DG REGIO) are collaborating on the project “Strengthening analytical frameworks and data on subnational government finance and public employment". The project will take place between 2021 and 2024 and covers OECD and EU countries. It builds on a preliminary project led by the OECD and the DG REGIO to develop pilot databases on regional and municipal finance.

The project has two main objectives:

  • Creating unique databases with aggregated and disaggregated data on public finance at both regional and municipal government levels (REGOFI and MUNIFI),

  • Developing a pilot database on subnational public employment, with a focus on gender.

Through the organisation of the workshops, gathering national statistical institutes and experts on subnational finance and public employment data, the project also aims to promote dialogue and engagement from different stakeholders to provide reliable and comparable data on subnational government finance.


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13 June 2024 - Enhancing subnational government finance and public employment data for multi-level governance analysis 

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This launch event and workshop will gather national statistical institutes, experts, as well as OECD and EU policymakers. It will present the key outputs of the project – the databases and two reports – that describe the methodology used and analyse the data. The workshop will showcase presentations by distinguished experts from both academia and policy-making circles, focusing on leveraging the new databases for research and policy development. It will highlight strategies for enhancing accessibility via a user-friendly data platform and discuss ways to magnify their impact.

First series of virtual workshop – December 2022 

Part 1: Using municipal and regional fiscal data to analyse decentralisation and multi-level governance

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13 December 2022

This virtual workshop gathered national statistical institutes, experts, OECD and EU officials. It included presentations by high-level academic and policy-making experts on the research and policy design opportunities that can emerge from using cross-country fiscal databases. The event also provided participants an opportunity to discuss the first stages of development of the REGOFI and MUNIFI databases.


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>> Access presentations from invited speakers:

  • Maarten Allers, Professor of Economics of Sub-National government, University of Groningen, Netherlands : Impacts of fiscal decentralisation - Using international data from subnational governments
  • Niels Joergen Mau Pedersen, Project Director, The Danish Center of Social Science Research (VIVE) : Utilising international databases in policy design
  • Arjan H. Schakel, Research Professor, University of Bergen, Norway : The Regional Authority Index

Part 2: Towards a Database on Subnational Public Employment 

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This virtual workshop gathered OECD and EU officials, as well as representatives of national statistical institute or statistical offices, international organisations (ILO), representatives of subnational governments and subnational government associations, and policy experts. It was the opportunity to discuss the methodology developed for building the pilot database on subnational public employment; challenges and opportunities in subnational employment data availability; and opportunities in research and policy design that would be offered by cross-country subnational public employment databases.


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>> Access presentations from invited speakers:

More OECD work on subnational government finance


The World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment


The World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment (SNG-WOFI) was launched in 2017 by the OECD and United Cities and Local Government (UCLG). This joint initiative is the world’s leading source of internationally comparable data. Multi-level governance and subnational finance frameworks.

The 2022 edition includes a database covering 135 countries, 133 country profiles, and a synthesis report. The database is the world’s largest to provide standardised, reliable, and transparent data, while the country profiles include both qualitative and qualitative data on each country’s territorial organisation, and the report puts into perspective common trends and challenges facing multi-level governance and subnational finance.


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Pilot Database on Regional Government Finance and Investment


In 2018-2019, the OECD and DG REGIO collaborated on a pilot project to collect data on consolidated regional and municipal finances in OECD and EU countries. The project led to the creation of a pilot database on regional government finance, accompanied by a synthesis report.


Access the Regional Government Finance and Investment Database

Access the report "Pilot Database on Regional Government Finance and Investment: Key findings"





For more information on the project, and to be kept informed of upcoming events related to this project, you can contact: 

  • Subnational government finance data: Antti Moisio, Economist, DEFI, Regional Development and Multi-level Governance Division, CFE, OECD, [email protected]

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