New Approaches to Economic Challenges

The New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) initiative  develops a systemic perspective on interconnected challenges with strategic partners, identifies the analytical and policy tools needed to understand them, and crafts the narratives best able to convey them to policymakers.

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NAEC publication series


The Financial System (OECD, 2020)

Beyond Growth - Towards a New Economic Approach (OECD, 2020)
Jenseits des Wachstums - Auf dem Weg zu einem neuen ökonomischen Ansatz (German translation by Heinrich Böll Foundation)

Systemic Thinking for Policy Making - The Potential of Systems Analysis for Addressing Global Policy Challenges in the 21 Century (OECD, 2020)

NAEC papers


Feeling Lucky? Convergence Mental Health as a Mechanism for Serendipitous InnovationPsychiatric Times (23 March 2021)
Smart Growth: the Case for Measuring Brain Capital
Psychiatric Times (18 February 2021)
Boosting Global Confidence amid Covid-19, RSA Comment (1 February 2021)
Move over Data, Brain Capital is the New Oil, Psychiatric Times (14 January 2021)
The Brain Economy, RSA Journal Issue 3 2020
Combine resilience and efficiency in post-COVID societiesNature (8 December 2020)

NAEC conferences


A Systemic Recovery (28 April 2021)

Fields-NAEC Symposium on Systemic Recovery (26-27 April, Toronto, Canada)

NAEC and Covid-19


Exit Strategies and Lessons from Covid-19

A Systemic Resilience Approach to Dealing with Covid-19 and Future Shocks

Bouncing forward: a resilience approach to dealing with COVID-19 and future systemic shocks, published in Environmental Systems and Decisions; National Institutes of Health Nature US National Library of Medicine Public Health Emergency Collection and WHO COVID-19 Global literature on Coronavirus Disease (25 May 2020) 

Systemic Resilience as a Response to Covid-19, published in MigResHub at the Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS, European University Institute (September 2020)

NAEC projects


“Brain Capital” considers brain skills and brain health as an indispensable part of the knowledge economy. NAEC promotes this concept as an approach for thinking about the economy and how it works in new ways and is laying some of the groundwork, looking at relevant metrics and building up a network of interested actors in the medical field, neuroscience, philanthropy and business. 

The Pandemic is Revealing a New Form of National Power, Uri Friedman, The Atlantic  (15 Novembr 2020)
Focusing on employee brain health could relaunch the economy
, ScienceBlog, University of Texas (27 October 2020)
Team proposes a holistic economic reimagination that focuses on brain health to improve employees' resilience
, Center for Brain Health, Medical Xpress (27 October 2020)
The BrainHealth project could create a resilient economy
, Center for Brain Health, EurekAlert (26 October 2020)
Brain Capital: A new economic and investment approach
, Prodeo Institute, (26 October 2020)
Piketty: "La política monetaria puede ser parte de la solución, pero no toda
” (Piketty: "Monetary policy can be part of the solution, but not all of it", Ignacio Fariza, El Pais (10 October 2020)
Michael D Higgins says world must ‘reflect on systemic weaknesses’ in society exposed by COVID-19, The Irish Post (10 October 2020)
Covid recovery will stem from digital business, Rana Foroohar, The Financial Times (4 October 2020)
OECD’s NAEC publishes a tour de force in The Financial SystemInstitute and Faculty of Actuaries (30 September 2020)
Thinking Beyond Growth, Andrew Sheng, The Statesman (28 September 2020)
Covid-19 drives leaders to make unprecedented interventions but what next?, Larry Elliott, The Guardian (13 September 2020)
From Just in Time to Just in Case, featuring the Open Markets Institute/NAEC Roundtable, Rana Foroohar, The Financial Times (4 May 2020)
Economists need to abandon their comfort zones to deal with Covid-19, Rana Foroohar, The Financial Times (3 May 2020)
Coronavirus crisis lays bare the risks of financial leverage, again, Martin Wolf, The Financial Times (28 April 2020)

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Journal of Risk and Financial Management Special Issue

Systemic Recovery: Lessons from COVID-19, Modeling, Analysis, and Policy Implications

This Special Issue will focus on (i) lessons from the pandemic, in particular the effectiveness of policy responses in different countries, (ii) new integrated modeling approaches that have emerged from the crisis; and (iii) recommendations to build a more resilient system to protect ourselves from such events in the future.

Researchers are invited to contribute original research articles or comprehensive review papers for consideration and publication in Journal of Risk and Financial Management (JRFM), an on-line, open access journal. JRFM adheres to rigorous peer-review as well as editorial processes, and theoretical, practical and empirical issues in analysing real life financial data. The goal of JRFM is to enable rapid dissemination of high impact research to the scientific community.

Extended Problem Solving Workshop

The Extended Problem Solving Workshop (EPSW) will run for three weeks with up to five groups of graduate students and postdocs working under the supervision of a faculty mentor on a number of problems proposed by partner institutions. Each problem will be presented at the Fields/OECD-NAEC Symposium on Systemic Recovery (26-27 April, Toronto)

(1)   OECD problem: Effectiveness of policy interventions in different countries and lessons for the future

(2)   Bank of Canada problem: Business closures in the time of COVID

(3)   Canadian Securities Transition Office problem: Fallen angels 

Full details available at Extended Problem Solving Workshop

Deadline for graduate student and Postdoctoral Fellow applications extended until March 12, 2021. Apply now! 

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