• 17-October-2012


    Promoting SME development in Indonesia

    Micro, small and medium-sized firms (MSMEs) are a key source of employment and economic growth in Indonesia. They contributed to the country’s economic resilience during the 2008-09 financial crisis.

  • 28-September-2012


    Keeping up the reform effort for stronger, cleaner and fairer growth in Indonesia

    Going structural, going social, going green and going institutional will enable Indonesia to secure its path to prosperity and ensure inclusive and sustainable growth.

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  • 27-September-2012


    Indonesia should improve governance, productivity and tax collection to promote inclusive growth

    Indonesia has improved its macro-economic and structural policies over the last 15 years. Its economy, with strong and stable growth rates of 5–6.6%, is catching up with other countries in the region and allowing Indonesia to focus on its development agenda.

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