Government of Hungary: Useful links


Government Sites:

Hungarian Government (
Portal of the Hungarian government. Very comprehensive Web site with all types of data on the country (key data, system of state, history, geography, population, culture, economy, foreign policy, tourism, sports and even famous Hungarians) as well as links concerning the language, the EU integration, travel (airlines, railway etc.), tourism, media and links to embassies and missions, the Parliament and all ministries.
(in Hungarian, English and German)

Prime Minister's Office (
Portal of the Prime Minister's Office (speeches and activities) with a link to the Government of the Hungarian Republic (Government Members, programme and meetings as well as a tour of the Parliament).
(in Hungarian and English)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (
Overview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with sections on current issues, consular services, spokesman's statements, international co-operation and Hungarian history and culture.
(in Hungarian and English)

Other Sites:

Hungarian Central Statistics Office (
A central resource for statistics and economic information for Hungary.
(in Hungarian and English)


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