OECD Housing Gateway

OECD Housing Gateway

Housing occupies a central part of life. Its quality directly influences personal health and well-being. Its location shapes education, leisure and work possibilities. Its costs absorb a large share of household income. Its environmental performance determines a fair amount of local and global emissions of greenhouse gases. Its financing is essential to help many buy a home and has implications for macroeconomic stability and resilience.

The OECD works with governments to create sustainable housing solutions which take into account a range of aspects relevant to well-being, including housing affordability, environmental and economic impacts.


Data and data visualisation

- For most families their home is the most important and most widely-owned asset. 

- Residential mobility is highest in Australia and in the United States, where more than 40% of individuals move over a five-year-period.

- Real house prices, which stand at elevated levels after years of strong increases, have recently declined in a number of OECD countries.