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The Observatory of Public Sector Innovation

The OECD has developed an Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) which collects and analyses examples and shared experiences of public sector innovation to provide practical advice to countries on how to make innovations work.  The OPSI provides a place for sharing, discussing and co-creating solutions that work.

The OPSI’s online platform is a place where users interested in public sector innovation can:

  • Access information on innovations
  • Share their own experiences
  • Collaborate with other users

Watch the video below to see what the OPSI's online platform can help you do:


Read the latest OPSI Newsletter.

Interested in getting involved?

The Observatory is led by a Task Force of OECD countries, chaired by Canada and France.

OPSI benefits from a wide range of experience and research that is relevant to public sector innovation but exists beyond national governments. For instance, highly distinguished experts on public sector innovation from academia and research organisations provide analytical advice to the project. 

If you would like further information, to sign up for the Observatory's newsletter, or would like to be involved in the Observatory’s work, please sign-up using our online form or email

This platform has been built with the financial support of: