Illicit trade

Webinar series: Illicit trade at the time of the pandemic


Through the on-line dialogues, the Task Force monitors the extremely dynamic movements of illicit trade at the time of Covid. The previous webinars identified some high-risk sectors (such as tobacco, food, or alcohol) where the impact of Covid on illicit trade is extremely complex.


  • Illicit Trade in a time of Crisis (On April 23). The main purpose of the webinar was to identify the key vectors of change that the COVID-19 crisis has had and will have on illicit trade, and to identify the relevant impact areas that should be explored in separate, dedicated dialogues.
  • High-risk sectors in COVID recovery (September 16, jointly with the Business at OECD, Anti-illicit Trade Expert Group). The primary purpose of the webinar was to discuss indepth the critical impact areas of the COVID-19 pandemic on illicit trade in several high-risk industries, such as tobacco, alcohol, or food, and to identify the relevant governance gaps and market risks that should be further addressed in dedicated dialogues.
  • Covid-19 vaccine and the threat of illicit trade (December 21).




Upcoming webinar

Webinar 5: Crisis policy, illicit alcohol and lessons learned from lockdown

12 January 2021, 4pm CET (10am EST)

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This webinar will scope and discuss the existing evidence on the effects of recent alcohol demand restrictions. We will focus on the facts. We intend to identify the associated impacts on illicit trade and related criminal activity, and present known examples of best practices in terms of specific governance actions and monitoring efforts. We will hear perspectives from government officials and private sector experts involved in monitoring illicit trade, followed by an interactive discussion.



Mr. Chris Martin, senior counsellor at the UK HMRC 


Mr. Jeff Hardy, TRACIT
Mr. Gianluca Sabatino and Mr. Rien van Diesen, Europol
Ms. Amanda Lotheringen, CIPC, South Africa
Ms. Mylene Cano, COPARMEX, Mexico

Closing Remarks

Mr. Chris Martin, senior counsellor at the UK HMRC