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OECD reviews private pension systems in member countries, analyses policy and technical issues, formulates policy recommendations and promotes policy dialogue with non-OECD countries.

Institutional investors and long-term investment

Improving the design of retirement saving pension plans

Mortality and life expectancy - longevity risk


Retirement savings adequacy

Global pension statistics

 Annuity products

Fiscal incentives and retirement savings


OECD Pensions Outlook

‌8 December 2014 - This book examines the ever-changing pensions landscape. It looks at pension reform; the role of private pensions and retirement savings; population ageing and longevity risk; and default retirement strategies.

Countries must rein in public pension spending rising as result of population ageing. But need to make sure cuts do not hurt the most vulnerable.


IOPS Toolkit for Risk-Based Pensions Supervision

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ISSA/IOPS/OECD Complementary and Private Pensions Database

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