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Production Transformation Policy Reviews (PTPRs)


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The Initiative helps countries achieve their visions for economic transformation by conducting national and regional Production Transformation Policy Reviews (‌PTPRs). PTPRs are carried out on demand. They consist of a 15-18 month policy assessment, with the participation of two international peers, and produce guidance to enable countries to design and implement better production transformation policies. Consensus building and peer learning are facilitated by a Peer Learning Group (PLG) composed of representatives from governments, business and academia.

Map of the Production Transformation Policy Reviews (PTPRs)

Why do a PTPR?

•    Translate growth into tangible benefits for society.
•    Anticipate and adapt to uncertain, complex and fast-changing economic environments.
•    Learn from peers’ unique experiences and share knowledge.
•    Design and implement strategies to thrive in the global economy.
•    Share lessons learned and contribute to a growing pool of knowledge on people-centred development models that lever on new technologies to achieve better lives for all.

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