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Advanced Analytics for Better Tax Administration

Putting Data to Work

This report highlights the key opportunities and challenges in establishing, operating, or improving advanced analytics functions in tax administrations. The report provides practical examples of how administrations are currently utilising advanced analytics, and discusses key topics, including organisational arrangements, governance, management and data. The report also discusses how administrations are utilising analytics to improve their operations and deliver better outcomes to taxpayers. Finally, it sets out conclusions, recommendations and next steps.  This report has been prepared by the Forum on Tax Administration’s Advanced Analytics Programme. The work was initiated by the FTA Bureau following the biennial conference on Advanced Analytics hosted by the Irish Revenue Commissioners in March 2015. That workshop identified member country interest in undertaking work to identify member experience in analytics delivery and share information on both the technologies and tools they were using.  

Published on May 13, 2016


Executive summary
Introduction to analytics use in tax administrations
Advanced analytics activities
Advanced analytics in the wider organisation
Managing advanced analytics projects effectively
Resourcing advanced analytics projects
Findings and recommendations for better use of advanced analytics
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