Republic of Moldova

Republic of Moldova: Fostering small and medium sized company development


The main objective of this project, which is conducted with the financial support of the Government of Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation, is to assist the Moldovan government in the development of a coherent and well structured policy towards the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector.
With SMEs making up 98% percent of the business sector in the Republic of Moldova, of which 76% are micro-enterprises, creating a business environment that fosters small business development is key to generating wider economic growth in the country.

The project, implemented over a 39-month period, is structured around three phases:

Phase I “Reviewing SME policy”

The various dimensions of SME policy elaboration and implementation were reviewed based on the European Small Business Act (SBA) assessment framework. The policy assess resulted in the publication of Fostering SME Development in the Republic of Moldova (2011).

The SME policy report identified challenges for the SME sector in the Republic of Moldova and provided recommendations to the Moldovan government to improve SME policy. The report highlights a number of areas where policy intervention will stimulate SME growth.

Phase II “Elaborating a SME Development Strategy and Action Plan”

Support is provided to Moldovan authorities to develop new SME Development Strategy 2012-2020.  Recommendations for policy improvement and priority areas for reform are based on the SME policy review. The SME Strategy is complemented by concrete policy measures in the Action Plan 2013-2015. 

Phase III “Implementation of key policy measures”
Based on the identified priority areas for policy reform, OECD will provide support to the government of the Republic of Moldova in implementing key policy measures.

Support will be provided to strengthen the institutional framework governing SME policy elaboration, including mechanisms of intergovernmental consultation, measures to improve public-private dialogue and monitoring schemes.


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