Review of Higher Education Institutions in Regional Development 2008-10: The State of Penang, Malaysia


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Penang is one of Malaysia’s most industrial states. Its long-term economic growth has been based on manufacturing and foreign direct investments. Strong dependence on multinational corporations has brough growth and development but also an underdeveloped local industry, limited indigenous innovation and a lack of dynamic new entrepreneurship. This report explores how Penang can move up in the value chain, away from manufacturing to knowledge-driven economy and how Penang can capitalise on its diverse population, the co-existence of three cultures and the UNESCO cultural heritage site. This publication explores a range of helpful policy measures and institutional reforms to mobilise higher education for regional development.



Key issues in Penang

  • Managing rapid urbanization
  • Increasing social equity
  • Facilitating environmentally sustainable economic development


More about Penang, its higher education institutions, 
and its HEIs' role in regional development

  • Penang in brief
  • Higher education and research in Penang
  • Further reading and useful links


Regional Co-ordinator in Penang

Professor MORSHIDI Sirat
Director, National Higher Education Research Institute (IPPTN)
Suite 109, Level 1, EUREKA Complex
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 Penang


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