Green recovery

What can the transport sector do to deliver on its decarbonisation ambitions?


Signatories to the 2015 Paris Agreement agreed to work towards decarbonising their economies in order to limit global average temperature to “well below” 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels. They aimed for an increase of no more than 1.5°C.

Based on commitments made to date, global transport emissions will not fall fast enough to meet the Paris Agreement goals. While some regions have taken action, continuing the current trajectory will result in a continued rise in the transport sector’s “tank-to-wheel” CO₂ emissions in the 2020s, with a slight fall of 3% by 2050.

Time is running out. Passenger and freight demand is expected to increase markedly. Policymakers’ actions are vital to breaking the link between transport demand and emissions – to ensure zero- and low-carbon technologies and fuels scale up to become cost-competitive, whether for road, rail, maritime or aviation.

What are the International Transport Forum’s recommendations?

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