Global economy

Could do better

27/04/2022 PNG

In 2015, UN member countries committed to 17 SDGs. However, the COVID-19 pandemic – and now the geopolitical and economic consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – have set back efforts to realise those goals.

Yet both events underline the vital importance of building the foundations for a more resilient, more sustainable global economy.

A new OECD report puts under scrutiny the many obstacles policy makers must still overcome – in particular in ensuring no one is left behind, restoring trust in institutions and limiting pressures on the natural environment.

The OECD area as a whole has met 10 of the 112 targets for which performance can be gauged and is close to achieving 18 more – while 21 targets are far from being met.

See news release: OECD countries advancing slowly on sustainable development targets by 2030 - OECD.