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Inclusive Forum on Carbon Mitigation Approaches

The Inclusive Forum on Carbon Mitigation Approaches (IFCMA) is an initiative designed to help improve the global impact of emissions reduction efforts around the world through better data and information sharing, evidence-based mutual learning and inclusive multilateral dialogue. It brings together all relevant policy perspectives from a diverse range of countries from around the world, participating on an equal footing basis, to take stock of and consider the effectiveness of different carbon mitigation approaches.


As of 30 January 2023, 133 countries around the world, representing around 91% of global GDP and covering around 83% of global emissions, have adopted net-zero carbon emissions targets. Consistent with the principles of the multilateral climate policy architecture as set out in the Paris Agreement, countries use or plan to use a widely varied set of emissions reduction policies – both price-based and non-price-based – as tailored to different national circumstances.

To achieve the shared global objective of net zero emissions, the key challenge is to optimise the combined global impact of all these individual emissions reduction efforts. This is what the IFCMA will help to facilitate through data and information sharing, mutual learning and inclusive multilateral dialogue.

High-level launch event

9 February 2023

The first IFCMA meeting commenced with a high-level launch event on 9 February 2023.

The event brought together more than 600 senior government officials and delegates representing 104 countries and jurisdictions and 9 international and other organisations from around the world, to discuss the challenges facing governments in accelerating the low-carbon transition, and the role that the IFCMA could play in supporting improved data and information sharing, evidence-based mutual learning and multilateral dialogue.


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An inclusive platform for evidence based learning

As a “safe space” for peer exchange, multilateral dialogue and mutual learning, the IFCMA will enable policy makers to showcase and discern good practice, and adopt and adapt mitigation policies that best suit countries’ objectives and circumstances. The sharing of data and information about the comparative effectiveness of different carbon mitigation approaches will help inform future policy decisions in countries around the world. The IFCMA is not intended to serve as a standard-setting body, nor as a forum to “rank” countries.

A better co-ordinated approach to carbon mitigation efforts

The IFCMA will support better understanding of the combined global impact of policies by producing comprehensive and systematic data, information, and tools to analyse the effects of mitigation policies and policy packages on emissions.

By facilitating sharing of data and information, mutual learning and multilateral dialogue the IFCMA will contribute to a globally more coherent and better coordinated approach to carbon mitigation efforts.

Inclusive multilateral dialogue will help ensure that the emissions reduction efforts of individual countries and jurisdictions help reduce global emissions and do not just shift emissions to other parts of the world.

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