List of current opportunities


Type RFQ  RFQ No. Group  Offer Launched on   Deadline
Expression of Interest EOI INT  External Translation Services
12.01.2022 19.01.2022
Expression of Interest EOI INT

HRM Recruitment System

12.01.2022  19.01.2022 
Call for Tenders RFQ_562 INT

Editorial Services for the IEA

22.12.2021 26.01.2022
6.00 pm (Paris time)
Call for Tenders RFQ_563 INT

Fulfillment and distribution for online subscription and for print-on-demand book sales

21.12.2021 07.02.2022
3.00 pm (Paris time)
Call for Tenders RFQ_561 INT

EU4Energy Programme - Work Coordinator

15.12.2021 17.01.2022
6.00 pm (Paris time)
Call for Tenders RFQ_560 INT

Corporate credit card and lodge card provider for the OECD

14.12.2021 08.02.2022
2.00 pm (Paris time)

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