The 37 Member Countries of OECD appoint Mr. Mathias Cormann of Australia to be next Secretary General starting 1 June 2021


15/03/2021 - Today, the Council of the OECD composed of Ambassadors representing the 37 Member Countries, took the formal decision to appoint Mr. Mathias Cormann of Australia to become the sixth Secretary-General of the Organisation, for a 5-year term beginning on 1 June 2021.

Member countries took this decision following the conclusion of the seven-month Selection Process led by the Dean of the Council, and chair of the Selection Committee, Ambassador Christopher Sharrock of the United Kingdom, that began in August 2020. In the final report to his fellow Ambassadors issued last Friday, the Dean informed them that he had been able to identify Mr Cormann as the candidate with most support.

Mr. Cormann will take up his duties on 1 June, the day after Secretary-General Angel Gurria’s final term concludes 15 years at the helm of the Organisation. This will coincide with the first of two sessions of the Annual OECD Ministerial Council Meeting to be held on 31 May – 1 June.

Mr. Cormann will become the first Secretary General to emerge from the Asia Pacific region.

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