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Strengthening Apprenticeship in Scotland, United Kingdom

Apprenticeship systems have a crucial role to play in providing students, workers and jobseekers with relevant training opportunities and developing the right skills for the future in responding to changing labour market needs. This report focuses on how to strengthen the apprenticeship system in Scotland (United Kingdom). The Scottish apprenticeship system has made remarkable progress, becoming one of the most flexible and wide ranging systems in the OECD. Apprenticeship starts are on the rise and outcomes have been positive. Informed by international evidence, this report identifies strategies to make the system more responsive, innovative and inclusive. These include strengthened employer engagement, refined minimum requirements for programmes, strategic guidance and practical support for innovation in apprenticeships, and efforts to make the system more accessible and relevant so as to promote inclusion and equity.

Available from December 13, 2022

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Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Key insights and recommendations for the Scottish apprenticeship system
Making the Scottish apprenticeship system more responsive
Innovating apprenticeships in Scotland
Making apprenticeships work for all in Scotland
Apprenticeships and the Scottish labour market
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