Organising Local Economic Development

The Role of Development Agencies and Companies

Development processes occur within a wider geographical area than local government, and in some cases encompass a broader scope than provincial or national governments. Thus substantial inter-governmental co-operation and public-private partnership are needed. This book identifies how development agencies and companies work, what they do and what constitutes success and value added. It explores international practices in a variety of locations and contexts, and defines both the success factors and the challenges associated with economic development agencies and companies.

Published on April 06, 2010

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Executive summary
An introduction to development agencies
The history and diversity of development agencies
The value-added of development agencies
Development agency creation, evolution, performance and review
The role of the local development system
The roles, tools and relationships of development agencies
The operational features of development agencies
Learning from international development agency experience
Annex A. Sixteen development agency case studies15 chapters available
Abyssinian Development Corporation New York
AucklandPlus Auckland
Barcelona Activa
Bilbao Metropoli-30 (The Association for the Revitalisation of Metropolitan Bilbao)
BiILBAO-Ría 2000
Build Toronto and Invest Toronto
Cape Town Partnership
Creative Sheffield
HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
Johannesburg Development Agency
Liverpool Vision
Madrid Global (Office for International Strategy and Action)
Milano Metropoli
New York City Economic Development Corporation
Prospect Leicestershire
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