“This year marks the 40th anniversary of the LEED Programme. Borne out of a previous job crisis, LEED has always worked at the cutting edge of local development, taking on topics such as women’s entrepreneurship, the social economy, skills use, and culture before they became mainstream. Today, as we emerge from another crisis, LEED has never been so relevant. To respond to today’s challenges and those ahead, LEED will continue to help governments at all levels create good jobs in great places.”

Denis Leamy | Chair of the OECD LEED Directing Committee

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2022 OECD Local Development Forum

On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the OECD’s Local Employment and Economic Development programme, the 2022 edition of the OECD Local Development Forum debated the issues needed to create “Better strategies for stronger communities.

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Featured Local Initiatives

Meet our “Leeders” as they showcase local programmes and initiatives that have made a difference. Explore how these projects have demonstrated impact and harnessed innovation as we build more inclusive, resilient and sustainable communities.

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LEED's 40th anniversary


Four decades ago, OECD governments were facing a jobs crisis. As the 1982 OECD Economic Outlook described, “the rise in unemployment over the last three years has been severe, and in Europe, it has seemed inexorable”.

In response, the French government proposed the creation of a new programme to learn from the types of innovative approaches to local job creation that were appearing across OECD countries, particularly in light of entrenched challenges in some communities.

Twelve countries plus the Commission of the European Communities joined the call, and the OECD Co-operative Action Programme on Local Employment and Economic Development was born.

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Read Framing the future of work – Preparing for the jobs and skills of tomorrow By Prof. Tiziano Treu, President, National Council for Economics and Labour, Italy


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The great resignation: the reaction in places

In March 2022, a record 4.5 million US workers quit their jobs. Workers were already voting with their feet before the pandemic but recently many more have been heading for the exit. A Great Resignation is underway.

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Tapping into talents - The cities of the future

The various systemic shocks of recent years, such as the 2008 financial crisis, the COVID-19, or the war in Ukraine, have resulted in a disfigured world. We now need to respond with new approaches and alliances to respond to the digital transformation and the climate emergency. Our cities will be central to that response.

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Is Culture really good for you? Impacts on well-being

The Covid-19 pandemic created a new normal of consuming culture from the couch. Policy makers must take advantage of the great re-opening to expand participation and create equitable access to culture. Where do they start to improve well-being.

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