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Ninth Meeting of the PD-NR, 31 January – 1 February 2018


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Ninth Meeting of the PD-NR, 31 January – 1 February 2018



About the 9th meeting of the PD-NR 

The Ninth Plenary Meeting will bring together representatives of governments, extractive industries, civil society and think tanks to advance work according to the roadmap agreed upon at the Eighth Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on 15 – 16 June 2017.

The first day (Wednesday 31 January 2018), which will have multiparty participation, will provide the opportunity to discuss the preliminary work undertaken within the Thematic Dialogue on Commodity Trading Transparency, where participants will work toward developing a common definition of the scope of “first-trade” related payments, identify relevant stakeholders, and analyse the current state of company disclosures.  A session of Work Stream 2 (Revenue Management and Spending) will focus on cash transfers as a mechanism for the direct distribution of natural resource revenues, particularly with the view to achieving productive and equitable development outcomes. Lastly, a session of Work Stream 4 (Domestic Resource Mobilisation – tackling BEPS and corruption) will provide the opportunity to review progress under the joint OECD-IGF project on addressing BEPS risks in mining.

The second day (Thursday 1 February 2018), also with multiparty participation, will begin with two sessions to advance work of Work Stream 1 (Shared Value Creation and Local Development). Participants will discuss a third tranche of examples to be validated and added to the Compendium of Practices, and opportunities arising for the extractive sector to contribute to, and benefit from, the global low-emission transition. The day will be closed by a session on Work Stream 3 (Getting Better Deals) where participants will have the opportunity to re-examine the Guiding Principles for Durable Extractive Contracts which have been amended following further discussion by the Friends of the Negotiation Support Forum.  


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