Bridging the development divide



Quality infrastructure investment is central to advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the progress of which COVID-19 has threatened, by enabling economic transformation in developing economies while safeguarding the environment and reducing poverty and inequality.


Key solutions
  • Strengthen institutional and individual capacity for project planning, preparation, and implementation through collaboration with external actors

  • Institutionalise standards, rules and processes, and strengthen regulatory frameworks

  • Establish anti-corruption measures including explicit policies and rules with adequate enforcement mechanisms

  • Strengthening capacity to prepare bankable projects through improving the effectivenessof project preparation facilities and risk mitigation instruments

  • Enhance fiscal transparency and improve capacity for debt management with required technical and financial expertise

Documents and links

Quality Infrastructure for Development

 OECD Initiative on Global Value Chains - Infrastructure sessions at plenary meetings

Taskforce on investing in infrastructure for better futures

  Building and financing the transport infrastructure of tomorrow: The case of Colombia

  Building the future: the role of quality infrastructure in bridging the transport infrastructure gaps in developing countries


Implementation and capacity-building

Quality Infrastructure in 21st Century Africa (2020)

Supporting the development of the Suez Canal Economic Zone in Egypt

Prioritising, accelerating and scaling up quality infrastructure in Africa






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