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Health Care Quality Indicators - Responsiveness and Patient Experiences


Capturing the patients' perspective of health care is becoming increasingly important as health systems strive to be more responsive to the needs of the people using their services. The HCQI project has identified measurement of patient experiences as a priority for indicator development and quality improvement.

To explore the possibilities for cross-national comparison of patient experiences, the OECD commissioned the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services to perform a review of the use of national and international surveys to measure patient experiences. Based on this review and the outcomes of further consultation with country experts, academics in the field and key international partners, the HCQI project developed a population-based survey, and undertook the cognitive testing of the questionnaire and a pilot data collection. Patient experience indicators have been collected for international reporting.

The following quality of care indicators, developed through the HCQI project, are currently considered suitable for international comparison: 

  • Waiting time of more than 4 weeks for getting appointment with a specialist
  • Consultation skipped due to costs
  • Medical tests, treatment or follow-up skipped due to costs
  • Prescribed medicines skipped due to costs
  • (Regular) doctor spending enough time with patients during the consultation
  • (Regular) doctor providing easy-to-understand explanations
  • (Regular) doctor giving opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns
  • (Regular) doctor involving patients in decisions about care or treatment

The HCQI project continues to focus on learning and sharing developments on national systems for measuring and reporting patient experiences including Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and experiences with integrated care and safety and to improve quality of indicators for international reporting.

This work moves forward in collaboration with key organisations and country experts, including the Commonwealth Fund and the WHO.


The HCQI indicators are published within Health at a Glance 2017: Chapter 6 on Quality and Outcomes of Care.

Additional indicators are also available in the OECD Health Statistics database in the Health Care Quality Indicators dataset in OECD.Stat in the query Patient Experiences.



Ms. Rie Fujisawa: