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The green transition can be an opportunity to move towards a more sustainable development model that puts Latin Americans’ well-being at its core. Clear and coordinated strategies for the green transition can help overcome LAC’s structural development traps and attract sustainable investments for recovery. Greener productive policies must both increase productivity and make production models more sustainable. Making this possible requires close collaboration between the public sector, business, academia, trade unions and civil society organisations. The role of green financing and international partnerships will also be key to moving towards a more sustainable future.

The 14th edition of the International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean will bring together civil society, leaders of the public and private sectors, and high-level representatives of international organisations to explore the role of the region in shaping a new global order.

The Forum is one of the most prominent events in Europe devoted to Latin America. The 2022 edition will take place in the framework of the Semaine de l’Amérique Latine et des Caraïbes, on 8 June 2022.

The forum will take place on Wednesday, 8th of June 2022 at the OECD Headquarters - Click here to register


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