Development finance statistics


We collect and publish data on development finance to monitor how it responds to development issues.

Charts, tables and databases

All about numbers – who spends what, where?

See our latest data in a range of easy to view formats from high level overviews to country and sector specific data. You can also download a wide range of data and link through to our databases and aid statistics websites of DAC members.

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Analyses and reports

From numbers to meaning –
what stories do the data tell us?             

Access our major reports covering global aid and development flows plus major in-depth studies by sector, type of aid and recipient groups.

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Our technical library for producing accurate, reliable and transparent aid statistics.

This page shows exactly how the statistics are compiled and what specific terms mean, what rules are applied, and how we calculate constant price numbers, grant elements, and various flow totals.

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A compilation of our help and guidance material are brought together and include the following resources: 

Background and introductory pages to aid (ODA) and other forms of finance for development

FAQ, site map and glossary

Guidance for users of the International Development Statistics online databases (IDS online)

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