ODA eligibility database




Sector or themePeace and security: involving military
Provider countryNATO
Recipient countryUkraine
Implementing agencyNATO Support and Procurement Agency
Budget (USD x 1000)950
Purpose code14050 Waste management/disposal

  • Through the Comprehensive Assistance Package for Ukraine, NATO is committed to assist Ukraine in addressing legacy challenges arising from Soviet-era military activities. One of these legacy challenges is radioactive waste stored within a border guard site in an aging concrete well, which does not comply with International Atomic Energy Agency best practices. This poses serious health and environmental risks, such as: - There is no radiation control or monitoring at the site; personnel do not have the required information and training and the required level of radiological protection is not met in the current situation. - With the current condition of the concrete well and the level of groundwater being unknown, there is a risk due to the degradation of the concrete that the radioactive material can come in contact with the soil and the groundwater.
  • The Disposal of Radioactive Waste Trust Fund has established three work packages with the objective to remediate the site, located in Vakulenchuk, central Ukraine, and transfer the radioactive waste to the Ukrainian national system for radioactive management. The Trust Fund implements the following work packages: - Radiation Survey and Site Investigation. Provides recommendations for the work to be executed during the next work packages. - Pre-treatment of Waste. Extract, transport and store the waste in an appropriate authorized national radiological waste management site. - Site Restoration. Restore the site to its original conditions to prevent further environmental impact.
  • To enable Ukraine to recover and secure the radioactive material in line with international standards, to restore the site to its original condition and thereby remove the threat posed to the environment and the local population.
  • This activity is deemed ODA-eligible. It relates to disposal of hazardous waste to mitigate a risk of radioactive contamination for the benefit of the civilian population.