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Data Protection Notice for Recruitment


The OECD's recruitment system, Smartrecruiters , is a job finding and candidate management tool for the OECD's staff members as well as for persons seeking employment with the Organisation. Smartrecruiters, located in the USA, hosts our recruitment system.   

The OECD is committed to protecting personal data in accordance with its Personal Data Protection Rules. This notice describes how we handle your personal data in the context of the OECD's recruitment system. For more general information about data collected from visitors to OECD websites please see our Privacy Policy. 


How we collect and use personal data  


In connection with your use of the OECD's recruitment system, we collect information that you provide when you apply for a job in Smartrecruiters. Information includes data such as your name, email and postal addresses, date and place of birth, education and work history, in order to assess your suitability for jobs within the Organisation. We will not ask for information regarding your racial or ethnic origin, your sexual orientation, your political, philosophical, trade unions or religious opinions and activities. 

 All our staff members who have access to your personal data are bound to respect its confidentiality. 

As part of the recruitment process you may be asked to record a video using an outside service provider (Sonru/Modern Hire). In addition, for some senior recruitments there will be an external assessment conducted by an outside service provider (Cubiks). 

If you are offered a position, your name, email, mobile number, job description and offer letter will be shared with an external provider (DocuSign) to enable you to electronically sign your offer letter. This personal data will be automatically deleted by DocuSign after your signature or following the expiry of the deadline for you to sign.  

Kindly note that unless you specifically opt out and write to [email protected] to express your wish to remove your data from the system, you will remain in the OECD candidate data base for 7 years. In cases where you have been cleared in competitive processes as a suitable candidate to be part of a roster (group A) you will be considered for other similar roles for 2 years since the date of Board Approval 


Young Associates Programme 


Candidates who apply for the Young Associates Programme (YAP) will be invited to create an account and complete an online assessment with an outside service provider (AssessFirst). The assessment is part of a longer process that is designed to help us make an informed decision on which candidates are suitable for the Programme. Completion of the assessment is a prerequisite to be considered for the Programme. 

The assessment includes three components: SHAPE (personality), DRIVE (motivation) and BRAIN (aptitude). Scores for each of the three components are calculated for the OECD by AssessFirst using an AI-augmented predictive model that estimates the match between the assessment results and the specific expectations reflected in the YAP job description.  

In particular, AssessFirst uses an Item Response Theory methodology to analyse candidates’ assessments on each personality, motivation and aptitude dimension, matched to a predictive model designed to fit the YAP job description. The methodology helps to ensure fairness in the evaluation of individuals, and diversity within the targeted population. Additional information can be found at: 

The assessment data provided by AssessFirst will only be accessed and stored at the OECD by a small team and retained until the conclusion of the YAP period (2 years). Other elements of the application are retained in our recruitment systems as described below. Personal data processing by AssessFirst is described its own privacy policy. 


Individual control 

At any time, you can access your online personal data by logging into your account in SmartRecruiters, if you have created one, and you will be able to update, modify or delete your personal data. Please note, however, that for practical reasons, there is no possibility to update and correct the data already submitted in the context of a specific job-opening, after the application deadline. 

Data provided by a candidate is stored during a maximum of 7 years in order to allow them to update their information instead of entering everything for each new job vacancy to which they want to apply. Beyond this duration, data is destroyed. 


Surveys on our recruitment processes  

In order to improve our services, we may occasionally undertake surveys and would be very grateful for your participation.   


How to contact us or exercise your rights 

Under the OECD Data Protection Rules, you have rights to access and rectify your personal data, as well as to object to its processing, and request erasure. You also have the right to challenge a decision based on an AI system that adversely affects you. To exercise these rights or if you have any inquiries about how we process your personal data, please contact: 

Human Resources Management 
2, rue André Pascal 
75775 Paris Cedex 16 
E-mail: [email protected] 


Additional information about Personal Data Protection is available here. If you have further queries or complaints related to the processing of your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer. If you need further assistance in resolving claims related to personal data protection you can contact the Data Protection Commissioner. 


Last updated: December 2023 


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