• 24-July-2012


    New Approaches to Economic Challenges: An OECD Agenda for Growth

    The crisis has forced us to engage in a true soul searching exercise – to see where we stand, where our models have failed, and where we need to go. But how can we best prepare ourselves for the new global economic landscape while addressing current challenges?

  • 16-March-2011


    Launch of the OECD’s Economic Survey of the United Kingdom

    Economic growth will be subdued this year and next in the United Kingdom, but the government must continue its difficult fiscal consolidation and structural reform programmes to return the economy to a sustainable path, according to the OECD Secretary-General presenting this report in London.

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  • 15-July-2010


    United Kingdom: Policies for a Sustainable Recovery

    Drawing on the OECD’s expertise in comparing country experiences and identifying best practices, the Better Policies series tailors the OECD’s policy advice to the specific and timely priorities of member and partner countries, focusing on how governments can make reform happen.
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