Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes

Global Forum Secretariat organises consultation on the amended Common Reporting Standard for automatic exchange of information


18/10/2023 - On 16 October 2023, the Global Forum Secretariat organised a virtual consultation on the amended Common Reporting Standard (CRS), which was attended by nearly 400 participants representing 105 jurisdictions. These comprised 11 of the 13 jurisdictions committed to, or which have started automatic exchange of financial account information (AEOI) under the CRS between 2023 and 2026, and 5 jurisdictions not yet committed.

The consultation was based on a note and a questionnaire, with jurisdictions participating or planning to participate in AEOI. Experts from the Global Forum Secretariat offered an overview of the changes made to the CRS and its benefits, as well as on the related documents and steps to be considered for a successful implementation. The event also served to clarify any doubts and jurisdictions were encouraged to provide their inputs on what could be an appropriate date for implementing the amendments and the possible challenges they could face. This important exercise will inform the upcoming AEOI Peer Review Group’s discussion and decision on the date, which will later be submitted to Global Forum members.

The more than 100 jurisdictions already exchanging or planning to exchange in the next years have  diverse levels of AEOI experience and maturity. A main goal of the consultation was therefore to include newcomers from an early stage, to support them in addressing specific challenges they might face in implementing both the original and amended CRS.

Jurisdictions were also encouraged to fill in a questionnaire to provide views on possible timelines, challenges and how the Global Forum Secretariat can best support them. This shall ensure a coordinated process in identifying a reasonable timeline for the implementation of the amended CRS that takes into consideration the views of all interested jurisdictions.

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The Global Forum is the leading multilateral body mandated to ensure that jurisdictions around the world adhere to and effectively implement both the exchange of information on request standard and the standard of automatic exchange of information. These objectives are achieved through a robust monitoring and peer review process. The Global Forum also runs an extensive capacity-building programme to support its members in implementing the standards and help tax authorities make the best use of cross-border information sharing channels.

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