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Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Awareness Handbook for Tax Examiners and Tax Auditors


Published 13 June 2019


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First launched in 2009 as a practical tool to assist tax authorities in identifying money laundering during the course of regular tax audits, this revised handbook includes updated money laundering indicators and new material to increase the detection and reporting of terrorist financing.

Financial crimes, including tax evasion, money laundering, and terrorist financing undermine jurisdictions' political and economic interests and pose a serious threat to national security. Tax crime is a key source of dirty money and as such, tax authorities have a central role to play in identifying and reporting money laundering and terrorist financing. The purpose of this handbook is to raise the awareness level of tax examiners, auditors, and investigators, of their role in combatting these illegal activities by:

  • Describing the nature of money laundering and terrorist financing activities so that tax examiners and auditors can better assist criminal investigators in countering these crimes;
  • Providing guidance in identifying money laundering and terrorist financing during the conduct of normal tax audits;
  • Describing the resources and tools that are available for effective detection and deterrence.

This handbook should complement but not replace domestic policies and procedures. To that end, it is designed so that tax administrations can adapt it to suit their domestic context, taking into account the varying roles that tax administrations have in relation to reporting unusual or suspicious transactions, receiving suspicious transaction reports and investigating money laundering offences.


2009 edition

Published 8 October 2009




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