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The International Survey of Science (ISSA) collects data and information on key topical issues for the global scientific community. Implemented through an online survey tool, it aims to provide a timely picture of the state of science to complement other available statistical evidence and indicators and provide new insights that inform science policy around the world.

ISSA is an initiative of the OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy carried out under the aegis of its Working Party of National Experts of Science and Technology Indicators (NESTI).



ISSA 2021: Science in society in times of crisis

The ISSA 2021 edition will focus on the work conditions of scientists, their engagement with society and contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 on their work and career prospects. The global, multilingual version of the survey will be launched in March 2021 and will be accessible from this page.

ISSA 2021 implements a brand new approach for collecting data from scientists. The OECD, as a new member of the ORCID consortium, will be using the ORCID authentication system to enable confidential survey participation through an open link instead of soliciting participation by email to potential respondents, therefore avoiding spam and reducing phishing risks. This also opens up participation to actors in the science system who are not necessarily registered as corresponding authors of indexed scientific publications.


 ISSA 2021 pre-launch

ISSA 2021 was pre-launched in February 2021, in Spanish and English, as part of the evidence-gathering activities for an ongoing OECD study with the European Commission to contribute to the "Roadmap to foster co-operation between universities, research and business in Spain” project.

If you are based in Spain and involved in scientific research in any capacity, regardless of the type of institution, you are invited to take part in our survey.

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OECD science flash survey 2020

The OECD launched this survey in April 2020 to provide a timely picture – i.e. a pulse measure – of the state of science amidst the COVID-19 crisis and report on society’s perceptions of its role and future outlook. This study, which has so far gathered nearly 3000 responses from around 100 countries, complements the STIP-COVID survey on policy responses to the crisis.

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The OECD carried out a second round (ISSA2) of the International Survey of Scientific Authors in 2018, gathering statistical evidence on the digitalisation of science. The results, released in March 2020 and based on the responses from nearly 12 000 scholars across more than 60 countries, provide key insights into the ways in which digitalisation is changing scientific research, and how policy makers can maximise its benefits while addressing the challenges that arise from it. 


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Data and code openly available for analysis

ISSA is an open resource from researchers, for research, about research.



The first ISSA pilot (ISSA1) carried out in 2015 was designed to collect evidence to address policy-relevant questions on the subject of open access to publications and research outcomes, and the potential implications of open science. ‌Download the policy paper presenting the main findings.

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