OECD Handbook on Measuring the Space Economy, 2nd Edition

Much has changed in the space economy over the past decade, with an ever-growing number of countries and business enterprises involved in space activities. Despite progress made in the quality and availability of data, the international comparability of space economy statistics remains limited. A decade after its first publication, it is therefore time to provide an up-to-date revision of the OECD Handbook on Measuring the Space Economy to reflect the changing landscape of space activities, space technologies and subsequent evolving user needs. This new edition aims to encourage and facilitate data collection among both incumbents and new actors involved in space activities, respond to the needs of the public agencies that still fund the bulk of space programmes, and support industry and private decision-takers who will also benefit from improved statistics on the space economy.

Published on July 12, 2022


Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Introducing the OECD Handbook on Measuring the Space Economy
Progress in concepts, definitions and measurement of the space economy
Monitoring the evolving cast of space actors
Using industry surveys to better understand the space economy
Strengthening assessment of the impacts of the space economy
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